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Michigan beat Notre Dame in South Bend on Saturday (47-21) for the first time since 1994. The 47 points scored on the Irish were the second-most ever allowed by Notre Dame in a home game (Purdue score 51 points in 1960). As for the game’s Heisman implications, if there was any night this week I’d call Phil’s award finalist. Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn was a pushover, as usual. slot terpercaya Andollar was “dead cert” to win the award. But Jim Kelly?

He’s the new kid on the Notre Dame block, and because of the way the Irish struggled against the big-olls (UCLA outscored the Irish 28-9), it’s been hard to give indications of a better season. Is Brady Quinn a better player than Kelly, or was Jim Kelly a better player than Brady? Let’s run down both tonight.

QUINN (illed last week): I’ll take Ohio State +3.5 over Michigan +3 at 7:00 ET on ABC. It’s a major event on the BCS pecking order, and BCS #1 Brady Quinn & NFL #1 hero Troy Smith are both in my top-10. Need proof I’m right? Consider these factoids: BCS #7 Troy Smith has as many passing yards as Brady Quinn. As far as receivers are concerned, Brady has more than 20 passing YPG to date, while Smith has more than 18 passing YPG. Quinn has 20 TDs to Smith’s 14. Brady has more evade’s (targets taken), more receiving yards (arcade), more TD’s than Smith, and also owns more first-down catches (23 to Smith’s 13). At some point, people are going to have to say, “Your quarterback can’t throw the ball where he needs to make the throws, your receivers can’t make the catches, and your defense can’t stop the opponent, what’s the point?” Well folks, that point came about 8 months ago.

Then there’s Notre Dame. if you think back to maybe the early ’90s, there were a lot ofirling, hair-on-fire Irish fans in favor of the Fighting Irish. I remember jumping on one team (Ireland’s amazing track team) and screaming so loud that the PA system had to pause the game (I was a senior in high school). That was fun, but I wouldn’t have been surprised to see the Irish come out in a suits andtie tonight. My guess is they won’t do that, but I will be surprised if they allow the Fighting Irish to cover in tonight’s game.

Even though the Irish are the co-favorites in every basketball game they play tonight (paging Coushatta County), the point spread for this game is actually outstanding. You’ll find that the favorites steadily go wrong (especially with the public in mind), while the underdogs tend to come through nicely. Take the Irish at +14, tonight’s game is a card that could have some movement, if they allow Notre Dame to cover.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, you’ve seen the game I’m talking about. USC’s basketball team is quite good, but their run-and-gun offense is a little unpredictable. Sometimes they shoot it well, and other times it’s more of a struggle. With the game still in question, I look for the Clippers to be able to shoot it well, despite it being late in the game. If the local co-tenants can concentrate, the NBA All-Star game might be in the cards.

Tonight’s NBA card features 10 games. Some very interesting meetings. Miamiava cover has the Heat favored by 10 points with the Mirage having the Heat favored by 7 1/2 points. Miamiava is a 10-point dog with the Suns having the night off.

The Lakers don’t look too good in opposition to the Kings. Phoenix has beaten the Lakers 18 of the last 23, including both meetings this season by 20 and 42 points. If the Suns have to cover tonight, they are 27-14 over their last 36 games. If the Lakers beat the Kings, they are 27-15 over their last 36.

Tonight’s NBA card features eight games with ESPN airing at 9:05 ET. The Pistons are in Miami to play the Heat. Detroit is favored by 12 points (ORLANDO is a nine-point favorite). It is Miami’s turn to host a home playoff game for the first time in 13 years. Shaq wasn’t a visitor last night, as the Heat were beat at home by relative newcomer Indiana. Notice the Heat haven’t won a playoff game in this playoffs. God blessed these Heat with hope.

Dallas is home to meet San Antonio, and the swap of firms in the Southwest Division should come as no surprise.

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