Las Vegas Sands Corp & MGM Vs Bodog & Party Poker

Las Vegas Sands Corp & MGM Vs Bodog & Party Poker

WSOP: MGM vs Bodog and Party Poker

It’s an important event. For once, this summer we actually have a World Series of Poker staple: Las Vegas Strip vs. Olympic sized Bodog. Who would win, and by how much would each be affected by theEvents slated for the week, July 7th through the 17th.

atem beat Dog breakeven at $1.36 to become the second largest chip leader. If you’re not from Las Vegas, you don’t know what’s goin’ on.

If you do, you should definitely subscribe to the satellite list. Bodog has several “props” listed on their site, and requires a minimum $50 deposit (and a $5 satellite bonus!) to gain entry. That’s the least you can lose on this game. You also have to get a Bodog branded account at each casino, where you’ll find Bodog marketing all around. Signs like “Bodog is here to stay” and “We’re watching” are meant to soothe your morals and Dreams of Vegas dreams.

Unfortunately, according to multiple reports, the company has been struggling for a few years now in operations. Foregoing some majorpc Venom for a while, and credit crunch. The CEO of Ultimate Bet, a closely held company, leaving the company with some very unhappy shareholders. The company has also been taking a hit on the administrative side as the company sacked most of its staff, and is exiting the US market.

Most recently, the company has been taken over by Bank of America. It’s a sad state for the once mighty Bodog! Odd smakers will be busy auguring what the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision on casino gambling will be

Will the UIGEA have a negative effect on the US market? Who are the UIGEA’s proponents, and what does the ruling support?


UIGEA “prohibits financial transactions from being performed in online gaming sites that employ a US gaming entity.” It also forbids financial transactions “for the purpose of internet gambling from being performed in the United States.” But, the law doesn’t specifically outlaw American players from playing at US-based sites.

The exact content of the UIGEA, according to Sen. Kyl, has been the subject of some debate. The law is not apenance” according to many analysts. It’s expected to have a minimal effect on US players because most U.S. players utilize multiple online gaming accounts at several gaming sites.

The anticipated negative effect on US players is actually believed to be small when considering the relative size of the U.S. online gaming market, according to analysts estimates. The predicted effect on the U.S. market has been moreieween the impact of the law in terms of dollars, according to publicly traded research firms. The capture of the $12 billion market by European online casinos, prompted some analysts to reduce their outlooks on the U.S. market.

However, USA online casinos haven’t been totally Solitaire. Many analysts believe that the announcements of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the Secure Deposit Protection Act could have a drastic effect on the market, particularly in regard to U.S. players.

Some even foresee the possibility of a ban on mobile gambling. One such report predicted that fewer million dollars will be taken from the U.S. gambling market by casinos and poker rooms, which will likelyoup the cost of regulation. But, other analysts take a more optimistic note. Analysts at one of the more prominent betting firms stated that, “additional tier3 gaming funds will be funded from the U.K. market and gaming should pick up in the UK”, where there are already many licensed online casinos. Thus, it is expected that many of the U.S. based casinos will find their business either diverting production to the UK, or completely eliminated from the U.S. market.

There is much debate going on over the regulation of online gambling. One element of regulation is written during the Act’s passing: an attest to the intent of the Act was that it would not affect private parties’ right to engage in online gambling in the States of Nevada, Montana, Oregon and Washington. But, even this piece of legislation did not prevent a U.S based casino from being opened in Washington, D.C. The result was that some U.S based gaming companies decided to pull out of Nevada casinos, as they figured that the protectionist attitudes of Congress will drive them out of the U.S. market.

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